What time does the event start?

The Virtual Experience will begin at 1:oopm cst.


How do we check in?

We are located in the College of Sciences and Technology BLDG at the University of Houston-Downtown


What do I need at check-in?

Please have your tickets ready and submit one business question upon entry.


Will there be breakfast / lunch provided.

Normally we do provide lunch but 2020 Competition will be virtual due to COVID-19.


What is the dress code?

Please present yourself in Business Professional attire for your pitch. Polos with your company logo are acceptable.


How will the prizes be disbursed?

The value of the prizes will vary and will be disbursed upon the investor’s discretion.


Can children attend this event?

Yes, with a parent or guardian, we encourage children over the age of 13 to view this event.


Will I be able to bring props for my presentation?

We strongly encourage you to include all samples, marketing materials, demos and prototypes associated with your brand. Please include them in your presentation.


Why us?

The Fish Bowl Experience was created to give small business owners, big business owners, future CEO’s and VETERANpreneurs the opportunity to pitch their new or already proven idea to a panel of real venture capitalists.


How long will I have to pitch?

HIGH SCHOOL : 5 min pitch limit.

VETERANS: 3 min pitch limit.

BUSINESS OWNERS: 3 min pitch limit.


What are the judges looking for?

The judges will evaluate each Business Plan based on the following:

1) Content of the plan, including the thoroughness and quality of the analysis

2) Effective use of business information and research

3) Clear communication.

4) Effective use and impact of the investment.

5) Probability of successful launch and sustainability.

6) Community Impact and job creation potential

7) Ability to profit, grow, and expand.


When will I know that I’ve been selected as a winner?

We will select and announce the winners towards the end of the event.

Meetings will be set to discuss potential monetary investments and partnerships with specific panelists.


How much does the application fee cost?

The application is a non-refundable fee of $100.


What should I expect on the day of The Fish Bowl Experience?

This will be a programmed schedule; early arrival is advised. Guests will have an opportunity to network, receive business advice from Veteran Entrepreneurs and the necessary tools to expand your brand to the next level.


Do you have a social media page?

Follow us on Instagram @thefishbowlexperience


How do I get on the press list?

Please submit all media inquiries to info@thefishbowlexperience.com

Join Us.

Nov 7th, 2020.

Houston, TX.

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